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Cucumberish is an iOS test automation framework for Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It is inspired by the amazing way of writing automated test cases introduced originally in Cucumber using the Gherkin language.


  • Full integration with Xcode Test Navigator.
  • Can be used with continues integration servers, or cloud services; just like XC unit tests!
  • When any test fail, Xcode Test Navigator will point to your .feature file on the line that failed.
  • Your test reports will appear in your Reports Navigator just like any XC unit tests.
  • No Ruby, "command line-only", or any other non-ios related languages or chaotic dependency chain needed to install or use Cucumberish at all!
  • Few minutes installation!
  • Step implementations are done directly in Objective-C or Swift! Which means you can breakpoint and debug your steps implementations easily.
  • Can be used with Unit Test as well as UI Test targets!

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